Portrait Maryline Lièvre
Self-taught painter and drawer, it took me obtaining a phD in biology to finally devote myself to art. With the tip of the brush, I tirelessly seek to capture the uncatchable, whether it is leaping bodies or sudden emotions.
Two worlds meet in my artworks: one full of lightness, carefree, and the other somber, threatening. Two perspectives on life, facing each other yet coexisting.

India ink is one of the media I use the most frequently. Its sobriety and intransigence push me again and again into seeking  the line, the gesture that will capture the fleeing moment.

Living in Montpellier for the past few years, I have taken part into various shows in the Hérault. You can keep you informed regarding future events by following my social networks.

Every artwork showcased on this website is available for sell unless the mention “Private collection” appears in the artwork description. Feel free to contact me for more information or with a project proposal via the contact form on the “Contact” page.

I also create jewelry in which I insert unique miniature paintings. After all, why should art stay on our walls? To learn more about this activity, please check the Jewelry page or visit my Etsy shop .