The Acrobats – Abstraction

Minimal abstract paintings

Abstract dancer drawing painted with India ink and acrylic paint

I have started working on the human body in motion at the end of 2019 with the series “The Acrobats”. The arrival of the health crisis and its restrictions fueled my desire to create and share images filled with momentum and lightness, like an escape, a breath of fresh air in this time full of constraints.

In my search for the essence of movement, sometimes the bodies fade, the anatomy is forgotten. Everything becomes a game of curves and lines. The dancers and acrobats are still there, drawn in India ink, even if sometimes they can hardly be seen. Can you find them?

Black and white abstract drawings

While in some paintings black and white are just enough, in others, splashes of bright paint emphasize or complement the black lines of the body that can still be guessed. Acrylic, watercolor, colored ink, I like to explore the possibilities offered by different techniques.

Colorful abstract paintings

The original paintings are available for sale (“Private collection” mentions excepted). Feel free to contact me for more information on your favorites.

To see the figurative paintings made as part of my work on the body in motion, please visit the “The Acrobats – Figuration” page

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